Find the Best Real Estate Agent for YOU!

How to Find the Best Real Estate Agent for YOU!

Finding a real estate agent to sell your home can be a daunting task. By entrusting this person to your house, they have the ability to make you, or cost you, thousands of dollars. It is important that this decision is made with intention. Here are some tips to help you make the right decision:

Choose the right agent for your property type.

Even though their commission may be lower than others, there is a reason for that. If you’re selling a business and they specialize in residential properties or farming, they aren’t going to know the industry to sell your house well. In the same way, if you’re selling a single-family home and the agent usually does downtown apartments, the deal on the commission probably won’t make up for the cut in the sale of the house.

Choose the right agent for your neighborhood.

In the same way, it is smart to choose an agent that is familiar around the neighborhood. Potential buyers know this agent for the area and are more likely to come to them to consider your home. The know the constant current updates of the market in the area and will most likely be the one that can get the best deal.

Be wary choosing a close friend or family member.

Most people know someone in the real estate business and it would be great when you are in the market to sell your home to use them. However, it’s important to think twice about doing business with friends or family because you never want the business (whether that be struggles, commission, frustrations) to get in the way of the relationship you shared before they were your agent.

Go with your gut.

Above all, your gut is probably right when choosing a real estate agent. Choose someone that is witty, or kind, or warm to be around. This person is taking your home and guiding you through the process of how to present it the best to make the most money as you turn it over to a stranger. Choose someone that you want and that you trust. Your gut is usually right.