How to Find Your Dream Home

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Many people underestimate the value of location when considering their next home. Not only proximity to your children’s school, work, and other activities you all may enjoy, but also just the general location of the property. A long commute, though good for a budget, can make every day drag. It may make you do nothing else when you get home from work because you just spent an hour in traffic getting home, consider your daily happiness when weighing options and budgeting for your house.

In addition, if you are driving through run-down neighborhoods every day on your drive to school or work, your morale will be much lower than if you’re driving by a park, beautiful scenery, or views of people enjoying their day. This will make you more likely to want to get out to a park, enjoy the scenery, and enjoy your day. Though our homes are important, we don’t spend most of our time there so location is a key factor.


Living Space

We don’t spend most of our time in our home, but it is important that we enjoy the time we do. When considering your next home, think about the rooms in your house you spend the most time in. If cooking and eating is a social activity in your home, don’t compromise for a small kitchen and dining area. Ensure that you love the rooms you spend the most time in, then it’s okay that you don’t like the garage.

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Don’t see a house that is out of your budget. Consider your future happiness and money will be a key factor. Don’t compromise on your budget and don’t see houses that are outside your budget. As soon as you find a house you like that is outside your budget, you may not be able to justify buying it but no other houses will compare and you will be left stressed and unhappy. Consider homes outside of town for a cheaper budget. Also, maybe a fixer-upper is the perfect house for your budget if you have vision others don’t.

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Think Ahead

Think honestly about the future. Don’t buy a fixer-upper if you won’t have the time or the desire to fix it up. You will then be living in a crummy house which will make you very unhappy. Consider how long you will be living in this space. If it’s your first home and you plan to move on in two to three years, compromise for your budget. Still choose the right living spaces and location, but it isn’t a forever thing. On the same note though, don’t choose a house without a good office space or the bedroom for the child you may expect soon if you plan to stay here for a long time. These factors will make you find a house soon after you settled into this one.

Don’t give up

The process can be hard. Make sure you find a great Realtor that you trust to help you through the process. Keep looking and don’t settle on the things that are absolutely important to you. Your dream home is out there.