Rejuvenate Your Backyard

Rejuvenate Your Backyard Just in Time for Spring

Most of us have been cooped up inside this winter in desperate need of Vitamin D. Punxsutawney Phil believes there is going to be six more weeks of winter, but luckily that gives us six weeks to prepare our homes for the fun the springtime brings. After having screaming children playing inside all winter long, families are probably the ones most ready for spring to come so those screams can echo in the open air. There are many options for things to do with kids outside, even as simple as turning on the water hose. Hopefully, these quick projects will be quick to make and not-so-quick to be retired out of boredom.

DIY Outdoor Games

There are many outdoor games that can be easily created and enjoyed by children, and adults, of all ages. These games can be traditional outdoor games such as ring toss, cornhole, and ladder golf, or better version of indoor games like Jenga, Yahtzee, chess, and checkers.





Two Men and a Little Farm

Most of these can be done with pavement stones and wood but may need some online materials. A lifesize chess set similar to this one can be bought for $129 on Amazon here.


When I went to summer camp one year as a kid, they made outdoor Jenga halfway through the summer. To say it was popular would be an understatement. Though it takes strategy, it is quick for kids of all ages to catch on and easy for someone to hop into the game at any point. DIY Pete helps you create a giant Jenga with only a couple 2×4’s (can be new or old) all under $20. Now that is definitely a steal and sure to make the outdoor summer barbeques a hit.


Dominoes is an age-old game, yet it seems like few really know the rules. Luckily, in the age of the internet there are a million resources out there to teach dominoes and help apply them as a learning tool. They can easily help with arithmetic, critical thinking, and strategy skills. For a quick reference, here are some quick-to-teach dominoes rules to go with your new outdoor dominoes set. Iron and Twine has a simple DIY for lawn dominoes, but honestly it can be even simpler than they make it, however this is a very cute version. All it takes is some wood and paint and you have a great learning game.

Outdoor Movie Night

Movie Theater           Though we’ve all had our fair share of movie nights throughout the colder months, it’ll be fun for the whole family to have an outdoor movie night before the mosquitoes strike in the summer (but even then, a little bug spray can salvage the family fun). Once you have this easy movie screen made of PVC pipes and a sheet, all you need is a projector and it may not be as expensive as you think. This projector on Amazon can hook up to a laptop or smartphone. It has great reviews AND is less than $50!!! With the addition of an outdoor pool, your children may not ever want to come back inside.




Outdoor Coloring Board

021218FNow this may not seem like much of a hack, but maybe just a good idea that hasn’t been considered. Why can’t we just take the things we do inside, and move them outside? Taking a chalkboard outside (or painting a solid wall with chalkboard paint) can be a great way to encourage kids to spend more time outside playing with chalk. This can also help complete some homework without being cooped up inside. These chalkboards can also be cute ideas to decorate the backyard for birthday parties, engagements, and more.

            The quick, cheap ideas to rejuvenate your backyard will leave it looking stellar for your next summer barbeque, and all of the fun days in the sun your family can enjoy.