Ways to Make your Home Look Expensive

Maybe it’s time to start showing your house, or maybe you just want to feel like you’re living the posh life without the price tag. Using these tricks, you could sell your house higher than it’s worth, at only a small portion of the cost. Worst case scenario, you can enjoy the bourgeoisie of what will now feel like a new home that belongs on Pinterest.
Hide your ugly fences and wires with fake ivy.
Generally, ivy on a house can be frowned upon. However, this ivy doesn’t reproduce and get out of control. On Etsy, you can find this 82” fake ivy for as cheap as $20.88. This ivy can be used to cover up rain drains, pipes, and fences. These eyesores that generally distract from the look of the house can easily be turned into gorgeous photo walls.
Upholster Everything, and anything.
Furniture is expensive so why not reupholster your 10 year old favorite furniture or flip a “new” one from Goodwill? Upholstery isn’t just for the pros; these DIYs can teach you how to transform your favorite $4 fabric from Hobby Lobby into brand new furniture.
Homemade by Carmona
In this example, Carmona was able to pay $44 for fabric and buttons to transform into a diamond tufted headboard. The time it takes can vary depending on your craft and handyman skills can vary, but compared to the cost of one of these trendy headboards, this day task definitely pays for itself.

Design for Mankind
The upholsteries don’t have to be huge projects such as a bed or a sofa, transforming simple staples like folding chairs can completely change the vibe of your furniture. All it takes is a few hours, some spray paint, and fabric to make your rusty folding chairs a living room statement piece. This article by Design for Mankind will teach you how.

Design for Manking
Puddle your Curtains
A super simple and easy task can be as simple as buying curtains longer than you need, there are no additional costs for this expensive looking tip. When it comes to curtains, this trick can instantly make the room more luxurious. When you have your extra long curtains, don’t cut hem down to size but instead puddle them on the floor. In addition, hanging the curtains higher than needed will make your ceilings seem higher and your house more like a mansion.
Puddle Curtains
Use a curtain rod to display pots and pans
Not only is this tip a natural art piece for the kitchen, it is also functional and saves you from pots and pans crashing down on you from the cabinets. Curtain rods can be found at the dollar store, or a nicer version for as cheap as $25 here at JCPenny.
Prudent Penny Pincher
Remodel your light switch covers
Now that’s a bright idea. These covers are a cheap, but necessary part of your home so might as well make them look as if they belong in a palace. Placing dollar store frames around your light switch covers will be an immediate notice to guests throughout the house, for the cost of pocket change.


The Chic Site
Last, but possibly most important, decluttering can rejuvenate your home and mental state. It is nearly impossible to have a luxurious looking home with clutter on all the tables and in all of the drawers, not to mention it will be an immediate turn-off to potential buyers. Now you don’t need to hop on the minimalist millennial bandwagon but taking simple steps like getting rid of multiples and unnecessary cords can clean up your house and will be a shockingly great stress relief. It’s unnecessary to have two hairbrushes, nonetheless the seven or eight that most people have in their home. Getting rid of these multiples around the house will drastically reduce clutter.

Your home is going to look fabulous, without breaking the budget (and that’s the most important part). I’ll be looking for the glamour shots of your home on Pinterest soon.