Your Home’s First Impression

Whether you’re trying to sell your home or impress your friends for a dinner party, first impressions are important. Though it matters how the inside looks, the outside of your home will be the first thing guests see and judge your home on. In most cases for buyers, they will drive by your home before ever scheduling a viewing, so the first impression could be the “make it or break it” for potential buyers. Here are some simple tips to transform the first impression of your home.


Build Window Boxes

First Impression1Though a simple project, window boxes can drastically increase your curb appeal because it is a unique feature allowing you to add flowers or other decorations outside your home without cluttering the area. Window boxes are inexpensive at home improvement stores, or it could be a quick DIY weekend project.



Add Shutters

First Impression2

Though most homes have shutters, adding or refinishing your shutters can make your home look a whole lot nicer. In addition, a smart color choice can help add cohesiveness to the first impression and curb appeal of your home.


Refinishing your door

Your door is the first part of your home that someone will examine up close. Every hole, stain, and rust spot will be (subconsciously) effecting the opinions of your impress-ee. Refinishing your door, and especially choosing a modern color that draws attention, will make your curb appeal seem like a brand new home.

First Impression3


Adding numbers to your house (or replacing the 4 that broke and now looks like a 1), adding a welcome sign, a wreath, or any other warm decorations will make your house seem less like a neighbor and more like a home. People who drive by, or come inside, imagine nice things about the family that lives there and hope they could live there too.



A garden not only will help your curb appeal, but it will also increase your springtime morale. Planting a garden can be a very rewarding experience and it is not tough to do.

First Impression4

Create a planter garden

Planter gardens save you the hassle (and destruction if it goes poorly) of a regular garden. You can easily buy planter that already have new, seasonal flowers in them and decorate your lawn as you please. Theya re much easier to maintain, moveable, and helps appeal to those that may not want the upkeep of a garden because it isn’t permanent.

Create a walkway

A walkway is a nice addition to your house because, again, it makes it look more like a home. However, it is also extremely functional for dinner guests, potential buyers, or even just to keep your kids from tracking mud into the home.


Last but not least,

Make sure your home isn’t dirty.

Mow your lawn and pressure wash your home. These basic maintenance tasks can be easily overlooked, especially from the perspective of the buyer. It is very rarely that someone thinks “Wow! Their siding is so clean”. However, it is very common for people to notice uncut lawns or grime on your house. These simple tasks could make you a few thousand dollars in a bidding war or the go-to host for your friend’s dinner parties.